telling-me-thisMy brilliant friend Charlie Fern tagged me for a very popular meme: 7 things you didn’t know about me.

Frankly, I can’t believe there are really 7 things you don’t know about me if you’ve been reading for a while. I get pimples. I’ve never acquired the habit of brushing my teeth before I go to bed. I wear weird clothes while working at home, eat bizarre food and have an obsession with cupcakes, which I can’t eat because of my obsession with running.  I’ve even shown you what I keep on my desk and in my fridge.

Oh, I even told you I was the sexiest woman on the planet. Actually, Google (at least searching from this computer) tells me that I’m second, just behind Scarlett Johansson. Not kidding. Try it!

So, Charlie told me I needed to tell you 7 things that you didn’t know. I decided to modify the meme to tell you 7 green-ish things you didn’t know about me. (Please keep in mind that this doesn’t include my horrible non-green secrets. I’m sitting here with a disposable paper cup of coffee. I should be shot.)

  1. Green coffee
    My sister and I both add our creamer first before the coffee so we don’t have to waste a spoon to stir. If someone else has poured the coffee for us, we blow on the top to mix the coffee with wind power. Also, when necessary, I hunt for the broken stirrers in coffeeshops to make sure they aren’t thrown away, and sometimes I touch a lot of clean stirrers to get to the broken ones. I’m sorry about that. I also recycle my sweetener packet* paper.
  2. Green laundry
    Since I don’t get very dirty sitting at this computer all day, I wear the same clothes for several days in a row. I don’t do the same with workout clothes. That would be too much, even for me.
  3. Compost
    I ADORE composting. One of the reasons I was so enamored with my boyfriend D.J. right from the start is that he not only recycled… he composted! I save every scrap I can in a container in my fridge, and I take it to him. We broke up last year for about a month, and I was left with compost in the fridge. This made me so sad. When we got back together, I refused to start another compost container until I knew it was going to last. Now when I hand him the compost, he says, “Woohoo! I’m in!”
  4. Green roots
    At the University of North Texas in the late ’80s, I’m proud to say I was on the first recycling committee. I even requested that our newspaper stop producing so many copies since so many were left each day. This decreased our advertising power. But they did it anyway.
  5. Litter
    I try to pick up litter if it’s in my path, but I have one really, really strict rule: If I actually TOUCH the litter, I am 100 percent obligated to find a trash can. If I touch it then drop it again, I am the horrible litterbug.
  6. Green judging
    Ohh, I’m a horrible person. If I go to your house and you don’t recycle, I judge you. I can barely date a man who doesn’t make that a priority (but I have — one must make hay while the sun shines). I even have trouble keeping my mouth shut when I visit client offices. I ask politely, “Do you recycle?” If they say, “No, just toss it,” I can hardly stand it. Recycling is SO easy, people. A little effort, please?
  7. Reusing bags
    Again, I’m dreadful. I’m too impulsive a shopper, and I ALWAYS forget my reusable bags when I go shopping. So I ask for paper and use the paper bags to collect the recycling around the house (I keep a bag in every room to make sure I don’t get lazy). If it’s just a few items, I carry them out. The other day I used my chin to hold a 1-foot stack of cat food while I held a box of hair color* in one hand and a half gallon of soy milk in the other. I don’t recommend it.

Now I’m supposed to tag 7 more people to write 7 things on their blogs, but you’ll feel guilty if you don’t do it. Instead, add your green things below. What little green (or non-green) quirks do you have? I’ll try not to judge, and maybe we’ll all get some great new ideas on how to do something little that adds up to something big.

* I know I’m not supposed to use hair dye or consume artificial sweeteners. Bad for the environment and bad for me. But I’d be a fat chick with gray hair if I didn’t, and I prefer to remain the sexiest woman on the planet. I’m sure you understand.