Things are so exciting with the Virtual Food Drive — it’s hard to keep up with the donations.

Right now I think I’ve accounted for 3,115 pounds of food donated here and elsewhere, benefiting more than 40 food banks around the country. I’ve also received pledges of $460, which I don’t really know how to count. I’m making a financial donation to in lieu of giving presents to my clients this year (sorry, Chris!), so that will be even more cash.

Some recent highlights:

  • Location3 in Denver had an office drive that collected 124 pounds. That’s their picture of the boxes.
  • Up the Street Pete called me from Costco as he purchased 100 pounds — it was taller than his head when we stacked it up! That’s Pete with Craig and some of the food as they wheeled it to my house. Craig also collected a large bin from his building.
  • Jenny sent an email to her family about the drive, and her mom in West Virginia and her aunt (I think Phoenix?) both donated. All it takes is a little prompting!
  • craig-and-peteMy cousin Bailey, who recently drove in the first snow to hit Baton Rouge, LA, since 1988, promised to donate a bag of groceries, plus some dentures. Yep — Bailey owns a dental lab.

Please help the final drive to 4,000 pounds. We’re so close!