A self-described “data geek” analyzed 10 million web users to determine their online surfing habits. He came to the conclusion that social networking sites have dethroned pornography for the top searches on the web.

This messes up my whole world. Not only does it negate the beautiful lyrics from the musical “Avenue Q” where Trekkie reveals “The Internet is for Porn,” but it also puts me further behind in my attempts to keep up with social networking.

According to Wikipedia, “A social network service focuses on building online communities of people who share interests and activities, or who are interested in exploring the interests and activities of others. Most social network services are web based and provide a variety of ways for users to interact, such as e-mail and instant messaging services.” You can belong to hundreds, if not thousands of social networking sites.

I keep reading articles about how businesses need to create a presence on Facebook and MySpace. I tried, but I really don’t see the point. And that’s the problem. For the first time in my life, I’m letting new technologies pass by (not counting that whole electronic gaming phenomenon, which I never embraced either). I used to be the first kid on the block to download the MP3 or to figure out how to spam customers with Microsoft Word mail merge capabilities. I figured out applications over a weekend and came into an office with ideas for customization of our software to make us work faster and better.

But I just can’t figure out how writing 140 characters in Twitter (they call it micro-blogging) will help me find customers.

Twitter is really the biggest mystery for me. The concept is that you write little bitty updates via the web or your phone. And people who follow you see your updates and maybe respond. People keep signing up to follow me on Twitter. I have no idea why. One of my recent updates was about the fact that I misplaced my deodorant for three days and didn’t know it. Who gives a crap? I thought I wrote riveting Twitters about my approach to the San Diego airport days after D.J. and I broke up in April. Will he be there? Won’t he? What will I do? Only one person Twittered back. She said my Twitters were kind of sad, as in pathetic, I think.

And it’s not like the people I’m following are saying profound things. When we had the conference here in town a couple of weeks ago, I kept getting Twitters like, “Having breakfast” and “It’s so pretty here.” Why do I need messages like that going to my cell phone as texts? Even the semi-serious Twitters seem ridiculous, such as “Wow — just had a great meeting on social responsibility. Made me think.” Is that a full thought? I think not.

Twitter was a big communication conduit during the Los Angeles area earthquake this summer. The government has started Twittering, and Twitter is fast becoming a very rapid way to get instant news.

See if you can figure it out…