lazyjanegifBoyfriend D.J. is 49 years old. He’s a successful lawyer with four area offices. He cycles more than 200 miles a week and volunteers time for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

He is most definitely a full-grown man.

And sometimes I call him the most ridiculous of frat-boy nicknames.


I call D.J. and others “dude” out of a lazy habit, a contagion born of a relationship with a younger man. My Philadelphia ex-boyfriend, 7 years my junior, called me “dude” the first week he met me. His nickname made me stop mid-sentence.

“Did you just call me ‘dude’?” I asked.

“I call everybody ‘dude.’ I call my mother ‘dude,'” he said.

(He also loudly and theatrically passed gas for me that first week, thinking I’d find it humorous and him charming. I did not.)

Embarrassingly, I still use the word. As I said, it’s because I’m too lazy to think of other words, and I’ve settled into a comfortable habit.

I’m the same way with my writing sometimes, but I’m trying to improve. Here are five horribly lazy habits I have seen in marketing copy I’ve written for clients:

  • X Company is the leading provider of Y services
  • X product is your best solution
  • X service is a one-stop resource
  • Anything with the word maximize
  • X Company is the place/the answer/the solution

The problem with these words is that they no longer mean anything. Every company has become the leading provider. Every writer promises that you can use a product or service to maximize. We’ve seen these things so much that we no longer pay attention. They have become space holders on a page.

I frequently run across conversations about word choices that copywriters should avoid and techniques for improving your copy. Here are a handful…

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PS — the graphic is one of my all-time favorite poems from one of my all-time favorite poets, Shel Silverstein.