sexy-search-terms-fixedI just read a blog post from Search Engine People about how companies can manage negative results from appearing in search engines. This relates to the famous Google bomb incident when searching for “miserable failure” used to return the bio of George Bush. (They’ve removed that one, but if you google “french military victories“, you still get this.)

I have a couple of alerts set up for key search phrases related to Avenue Z, but I expect I’ll stay pretty benign throughout the life of my company.  But what is interesting these days when it comes to SEO and my websites is the way people find Life on Avenue Z and meeting their expectations once they get here.

I get a lot of searches for “PR versus journalism,” which leads people to The Differences Between a Copywriter and a Journalist. I also seem to be very popular for searches about Victoria’s Secret customer service. But the biggest, strangest trend here on Avenue Z started when someone called me “the sexiest woman on the planet.”

I get “sexiest” hits every day, with everything from “the sexiest PowerPoint” to “the sexiest ass on the planet” and “sexiest marketing words.” While I’m flattered beyond belief, I’m dismayed that most of the people who come here for those phrases spend less than one second here on the site. This means that my content disappoints, that they’re actually not finding the sexiest PowerPoint. They’re finding a quirky copywriter who shares too much. And that’s definitely not what they’re looking for.

PS — if you can read the tiny type in the screenshot, you’ll see that 51 people searched for the original term with quotation marks and tended to stay for several minutes. These were my friends — I sent the search phrase to everyone I knew and told them to check it out before it disappeared forever.