Greetings. It’s 7:11 p.m. here in San
Diego, and I’m sitting here in the dark at my desk in my home office as the
last of the light leaves the room. I lit a candle a few minutes ago, so the
candle is glowing yellow, and the computer screen glows blue.

And I am procrastinating.

I’m very fortunate that I was able to
line up some loyal customers even before I left my former company. I need to
write a couple of articles to aid search engine optimization for a Web 2.0
application, and my former boss requested work on four smaller projects that
won’t take me much time. I’ve got plenty to do this Wednesday evening, yet I’m
waxing poetic about my candle wax color and writing notes to my boyfriend about
my apartment hunting adventures (FYI — turns out that when one describes an
apartment as “rustic and charming” it translates to “rundown and small”).

I don’t need to be a smart business owner
to realize that I can’t afford to procrastinate when I have projects on the
table. Thus, realizing that some of you might think that I’m really just
procrastinating more, I visited one of my favorite inspirational blogs, (
for one of his many lists on improving motivation and decreasing
procrastination. Here’s a sample of his anti-procrastination advice:

  1. Three Steps to Kick the
         Procrastination Habit
  2. Overcome Procrastination Once and
         For All
  3. Pro-Active Steps to Prevent

If I don’t stop there, I really will
be procrastinating. The point is, can help self-starters like
myself who need a little help with the starting part.

Ok, back to work now. (Almost back to
work… I needed a candle graphic for this post, right? And I searched around and
found this cool video, which I couldn’t get to play directly on the page, so I
had to…. Sigh. Back to work. If you’re procrastinating, watch this: